Apple once again proved who is the innovation leader in the market


Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro was snapped up until the network crashed, proving that the many innovative plagiarisms of the iPhone 14 made by Chinese smartphones before are meaningless. Consumers still recognize the iPhone more, and they still embrace the iPhone even if it is more expensive.

After the release of the iPhone 14, Chinese smartphones and well-known internet celebrity Luo Yonghao have complained about Apple, but it is of no use. Consumers do not seem to buy these complaints. Instead, as soon as the pre-sale of the iPhone 14 is launched, consumers start to rush to buy, and it is more expensive to snap up. The iPhone 14 Pro, led to the rapid removal of reservations in offline retail stores, and then online reservations were also full. It is reported that consumers who currently reserve late will have to wait until November to get the goods.

In fact, the iPhone innovation they complained about is not entirely wrong, but it cannot be said that the iPhone completely copied the Chinese smartphone. Industry insiders pointed out that the smart island design of the iPhone 14 Pro is not copied from the Android smartphone. It is obtained by the close combination of Apple software and hardware. , Android phones in turn plagiarize Apple’s Smart Island and may not be as good as Apple.

Apple has also been complained about by Android phones in terms of camera technology, referring to the fact that Chinese smartphones have used 100 million pixels, and the score in the well-known camera software DXOMARK is also far ahead, but it is useless, because digital bloggers and Internet celebrities use iPhone, these Consumers who attach great importance to camera technology give priority to using the iPhone, which can only prove that the iPhone is better at taking pictures, so that some Chinese smartphone companies also think that the score of DXOMARK is meaningless, and give up the test.

On the contrary, Apple is proving what meaningful innovation is. When Chinese smartphones are pushing curved screens and introducing more cameras, Apple insists on using straight screens. Now Samsung, the pioneer of curved screens, has abandoned curved screens, and Chinese smartphones have also begun to abandon curved screens. As for the camera, industry insiders pointed out that some Chinese smartphones are suspected of charging, and Chinese smartphones are indeed quietly reducing cameras.

In fact, Apple is indeed more solid in terms of materials. Since the iPhone 12, it has begun to support 5G. Apple’s iPhone has become the smartphone that supports the most frequency bands among many 5G smartphones. However, Chinese smartphones did not support 700MHz until October last year under the mandatory requirements of China Mobile. Even so, Chinese smartphones do not support 5G frequency bands as much as iPhones. As for the knowledge of motors and screens that are popular in Chinese smartphones, consumers are now using iPhones to blame Chinese smartphones. iPhone motors are considered to be the best. Some Chinese smartphones are priced at more than 5,000 yuan but use the worst Z-axis motor. It’s also not as good as the iPhone’s in terms of screen.

Of course, Chinese smartphones are also criticized for violating personal privacy. Most of the apps that violate user privacy disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are from Chinese smartphones. The advertisements of Chinese smartphones penetrate into users’ bank text messages, which can be said to be omnipotent; Apple is known for its system security. , Some apps that violate user privacy have also been removed from the App Store. All of these have led today’s consumers to obviously learn a lesson. Even if the iPhone 14 Pro is more expensive, consumers are still rushing to buy it, while Chinese smartphones are in vain in terms of quality and technology. Quite, consumers began to increasingly spurn Chinese smartphones.

Apple iPhone 14 Review:

Some analysts have given data earlier that Apple has a market share of 78% in the Chinese smartphone market of more than $1,000, while so many Chinese smartphone brands can only occupy the remaining 22%, showing that high-end consumers have been highly recognized iPhone. In this way, it can be said that the so-called innovation-leading fig leaf of Chinese smartphones has been torn off. Consumers use their own actions to prove that Apple is the innovation leader in the smartphone industry and that the new technologies introduced by Apple are meaningful innovations. The innovation of Chinese smartphones is more of a gimmick, which has led to consumers’ increasing recognition of the iPhone.


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