iOS Instagram for Android download | How To Install iOS Emoji Instagram On Android


Download iOS Instagram for Android

Hello everyone today I will show you how you can download and use iOS Instagram on an Android phone. iOS Instagram apk has a lot of useful features that we don’t get in the Instagram Web. By using iOS Instagram for Android you can easily upload reels, videos, and photos using iOS-style emoji from your Android smartphone.

Features of iOS Instagram for Android:

  • Use iOS Instagram fonts in stories of Instagram Android.
  • Use iOS Instagram emoji in stories on Instagram Android.
  • View stories, read and write messages without anyone knowing.
  • Easily Download photos, videos, and reels.

How to get iOS style emoji on Android Instagram?

To get iOS-style emoji on Android Instagram, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install an Emoji Keyboard: Download and install an emoji keyboard app that offers iOS-style emojis. Some popular options are:
    • Emoji Keyboard by EmojiOne: This keyboard app offers a variety of emoji styles, including iOS-style emojis.
    • SwiftKey Keyboard: SwiftKey allows you to customize your keyboard, including emoji styles. You can select the iOS emoji style from its settings.
  2. Set the Emoji Keyboard as Default: Once the app is installed go to your device settings and set the emoji keyboard you downloaded as the default keyboard.
  3. Open Instagram: After setting the emoji keyboard as the default option open the Instagram app.
  4. Use the Emoji Keyboard: When you’re typing a comment or caption on Instagram, tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard. Then switch to the emoji keyboard you installed. You should now see iOS-style emojis available for use.
  5. Customize as Needed: Depending on the emoji keyboard app you chose you may have additional customization options for the emojis, such as skin tone variations or emoji packs.

By following these steps, you can enjoy iOS-style emojis on Instagram even if you’re using an Android device.

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How to Install iOS Instagram apk on Android:

APK NameIOS Instagram
TypePhoto Sharing
Apple StoreApple Store Link
Google Play StoreGoogle Play Link
  1. First, download the iOS Instagram apk from a reputed source.
  2. You do not need to uninstall any app.
  3. After completing the download you need to enable “Unknown sources” from the security option in settings.
  4. After finishing the above step. Then tap the install button.


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