Which iPhone should you buy after the release of the iPhone 14?


1. iPhone XR

The price of the iPhone XR is Rs 45,000 and can be said to be the first choice for a backup machine. The A12 chip, whether it is a king or a chicken, has no pressure. Although it has a single camera, there is no problem with daily use. But it does not affect its preferred status as a backup machine.

2. iPhone Xs Max

There used to be tens of thousands of iPhone kings, whether it is entertainment or social networking, they can get full marks. Now 256 GB only needs about Rs 24,000, which basically beats Android phones of the same price.

3. iPhone 11

The 128 GB iPhone 11, equipped with an A13 chip, still looks good in appearance, the performance is comparable to the iPhone Xs Max, and the price is not much different from the 256 GB iPhone Xs Max. At the same time, the iPhone 11 is released later, and it is easier to pick a machine in a better condition.

4. iPhone 12

The A14 chip is still very powerful, but it is limited to 4G networks. After turning on 5G, not only the signal is unstable, but the battery life and heat dissipation are also very unsatisfactory. However, the price of the iPhone 12 is now relatively conscientious. The current market price of the 128 GB version of the iPhone 12 only needs about Rs 35,000, even if it is reused There is no problem at all in three or four years.

5. iPhone13

Stable 5G network, 19 hours of battery life, with A15 processor, the same appearance as the iPhone 14, the sales have already explained everything, and now you can start at around 3600. In terms of cost performance, it really beats the iPhone 14 with no difference.

For ordinary people, if you care about battery life, you can choose the Max series within the budget. If you like small screens and have system requirements, choose the Pro series. It is enough to buy an entry-level version for light use. Directly select iPhone 14 pro max in place.


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