Top 5 headphones under Rs 1500 in India 2022


If you are surfing through the internet looking for budget headphones for 1500 which have good quality then you are at the right place. Here, is the list of budget headphones under 1500 with great quality and many more things like ANC ( Active noise cancellation ), microphones, battery life, and many more features.

1. Sony WHX900N (4.6)

So in the first, we have the Sony WHX900N with a rating of 4.6. Its features are active noise cancellation, good Bluetooth connect, good build, no A/V lag, good price, touchpad works perfectly and its ambient mode is quite useful during study sessions and traveling. Its disadvantage is way too much bass which makes them feel bad and destroys the feel of the music, ear gets heated up while using too much, and to use most of the features you need to revert down to SBC. If you are a traveler, student, or a person who has a very tight budget and also wants brand satisfaction this is the best thing in the market right now.

2. Skullcandy Hesh (4.6)

Next is our Skullcandy Hesh with a rating of 4.6, a name which is not very popular in India but has a great price and quality as well. These are very comfortable headphones and their features are base forward, comfort, active noise cancellation, or competent noise cancellation. Its disadvantage is no dust resistance and the ANC could have been better. If you are looking to buy only comfortable and cheap headphones this is the best choice.

3. Skullcandy crusher (4.5)

Next is another product from the Skullcandy brand the Skullcandy crusher with a rating of 4.5. It is not the best but for money, it is quite decent. Some features of it are its great battery life, plush ear cups, folding hinges which means easy to carry anywhere, and the option to increase bass response with a slider. Its basic disadvantages are SBC codec only, the charge is micro USB which can be a problem, plastic build, sound quality isn’t so good and the worst part can pull your hairs still has rubber headband. If you are someone who has a very tight budget and if you are ok with any brand you can go for it.

4. Beyerdynamic DT 900 (4.9)

Next is Beyerdynamic DT 900 with a rating of 4.9 the highest in all of them. It has some of the most unique features like replaceable parts, low maintenance, plush fit, and superb sound quality. It has a few disadvantages like not so very portable and quite heavy to wear and carry. If you are someone who prior is the quality of the product but you have a tight budget this is a one I would recommend to you.

5. JBL Tune 750 BTNC (4.0)

Next and the last on the list is the JBL Tune 750 BTNC with a rating of 4.0. It doesn’t have many features but some of them are it’s a very well-balanced and versatile sound profile and has a fairly consistent frequency response between users. If you are someone who is just looking for a headphone with the good sound quality it is the best option can give you.

So, these are some of the best headphones under 1500 in 2022 in India currently. Hope it helped in saving your precious time and effort in searching through the internet.


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