How to restore deleted WeChat chat history?


WeChat is now used by many people, and I found that there are many people asking how to recover deleted WeChat chat records, today I will tell you about several ways to recover WeChat chat records that I know.

  • WeChat recovery that comes with the phone
  • WeChat recovery that comes with the computer
  • Professional recovery method for Android phones
  • Professional recovery method for iPhone phone

First of all, we have to know that WeChat is that you just delete the contact from the main interface and then click on the chat history before he and him chat, but whether it is those chat records can be recovered, it is not that the disappearance is completely deleted, just like when we delete the data in the phone, it is not deleted immediately but on the data that has been deleted, and then when there is new data, it will be overwritten, and then it will be completely deleted, so the chat history is the same As long as you stop using the phone in time, then it can be restored by some means.

How to restore deleted WeChat chat history? Method:

WeChat recovery that comes with the phone:

WeChat does not have roaming messages like QQ can let you recover the chat history that you can’t find, but WeChat also has its own unique recovery method, in the WeChat settings we can find a help and feedback option, and then in the upper right corner of the help and feedback option we can see a small wrench-like icon Click on it We can see the function of repairing chat history inside, then I don’t need to say it again.

WeChat recovery that comes with the computer:

This method is actually almost the same as the first method is carried out on the computer, first log in to WeChat on the computer and then find the backup and restore option in the settings of the computer WeChat (the lower left corner of the computer WeChat), in that option there is a function to restore chat history to the mobile phone, the following click on the step-by-step operation.

Professional recovery method for Android phones:

The above two are actually WeChat’s own recovery methods, the following to share with you an Android system can be a universal recovery method, Samsung mobile phone is also Android, you only need to search for the phone browser “speed data recovery” after the keyword can see this tool, and this browser is not limited, as long as there is no typing error then feel free to download in that browser. After opening you will see a lot of options to find and enter the “WeChat Recovery” inside, in this room wait a little while to see that the previous chat history has been scanned out, and finally just need to check the desired after the phone scanned and then click on the following recovery

Professional recovery method for iPhone phone:

Because the subject is not an iPhone, so this is just a sharing, if it is with an iPhone phone user can take a look; this method is actually more similar to the third method, this is to download the “Speed Recovery Wizard” in the mobile App Store to help you recover, the details of the operation steps can refer to the third method.

Ps: No matter which method is used in the process of using the network do not disconnect the network…….. (Lessons from the past)


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