Why most of the tech companies are shifting to Vietnam?

Apple is currently shifting production capacity from China to Southeast Asia, and they are currently placing great emphasis on the labor market in Vietnam. Compared with the rent and labor costs on our side, the Vietnamese market is currently much cheaper. The same is true for Nike, which is moving its production line to Vietnam. At present, Nike has 112 factories in Vietnam.

In addition, the digital giant Samsung has been severely squeezed because of its domestic sales. In the two years from 19 to 20, all mobile phone processing factories, computer factories and TV factories in my country were closed, and a considerable part of the withdrawn production capacity was Entered Vietnam. As Apple’s younger brother Foxconn, most of the production capacity is provided to Apple, and now their “big brother” has moved to Southeast Asia, followed by Foxconn. In recent years, it has also gradually withdrawn from the mainland market and transferred its own production lines.

These four companies did help the common people solve many employment problems in China’s heyday. Now that they have completely withdrawn, some unemployed people will indeed increase in a short period of time. But in the long run, this is also a very good opportunity for us. They have freed up space and market, and we can expand the scale of our own mobile phone factories and increase our independent research and development capabilities more. After Apple entered China, our mobile phone industry has indeed ushered in a big explosion. Mobile phone products such as Xiaomi and Huawei have sprung up one after another, and now they all occupy a place in the mobile phone industry. Now there is a lot of manpower at their disposal to help them take it to the next level. It is hoped that these companies can seriously improve their scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and refine and do a good job in their main fields. Instead of blindly expanding in accordance with the external situation when the main field has not been achieved to the extreme, being an opportunist and wasting labor force in vain.

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