How to get moto g40/g60 android 12 update? Moto G60 & Moto G40 android 12 updates 2022


Hello, friends so recently Motorola has started rolling out the Android 12 update for Moto G40 and Moto60. Till now Motorola has not made anything about Android 12 public but they are silently pushing the update to some of the devices. If you haven’t received the Android 12 update then don’t worry, you will receive the update within the next month. Motorola is now testing android 12 on some of the devices. Almost 30% of the Moto G40 and Moto G60 users have received Android 12.

How to get Moto g40 and Moto g60 android 12 update?

  1. Turn on your Internet connection.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. At the bottom click on System
  4. Then click on Advance and then select System Update.
  5. Check for the update.
  6. If you haven’t received the update just wait for 1 month more. You will soon receive the update.

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